To celebrate beauty in the world is my goal as a visual artist. Though different in detail for each of us, there is a common and specifically human element about our discernment of beauty, something that binds us together in societies and, on a larger scale, as a species. We inherently know many things as beautiful through an instinct that has been imprinted on human genes by generations of selection. With this we blend our experience, knowledge and individual preferences. The awareness moves from universal to specific. Our senses register impressions that strike ancient resonances and elicit visceral and emotional responses from deep within us. The universal chord is life. The unique experiences we bring to the encounter dictate our singular and special melody. As a photographer, I am concerned with how our minds, through our eyes, grasp the wonder and splendor of nature, of which I include humanity and its works as a vital part. I seek to present the universal beauty of the subject through form and abstraction and, in doing so, simultaneously emphasize the unity of humanity with itself and its inextricable intertwining with the earth. Shapes, lines and constructs mirror the very elements and energies that give us life. When we look at the world, the same design from which we are constructed is reflected back to us. The details and particulars reflect the subject's individuality and uniqueness: the face of the grain of sand that contains the universe.